The DeadEndRoad Show #93: A Man of Infinite Jest

You've heard of the classic "red flags" for dudes: the Pulp Fiction dorm room poster, liking Fight Club a little too much, an unopened copy of Infinite Jest on the nightstand. But what about anime red flags? Is something as hyper-specific as Ergo Proxy really a red flag? We discuss in this week's Did It All For the Moogle.

Later, the bulk of this episode has us discuss our latest book club pick. That's right, we finally got around to finishing RF Kuang's Yellowface, and we're glad we did. We have a lot to say about this portrayal of the publishing industry and its indictment on racism, classicism, and plagiarism within. Bill gets personal weaving in his own experiences as a publishing professional and writer.

We wrap with this week's Horror Harvest: Inferno from Dario Argento, the follow up to Suspiria. At times brilliant, more often than not silly, it's an intriguing giallo horror film.

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The DeadEndRoad Show #93: A Man of Infinite Jest
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